Umbrella Insurance in California

If you want the extra peace of mind of knowing that your assets and financials will be protected, umbrella insurance is for you. At Rancho Del Sur Insurance Services Inc. in San Diego, CA, we offer umbrella insurance coverage for our clients. Here is some handy information to know about buying an umbrella insurance policy.

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Insurance policies have certain liability limits they can cover if you are responsible for damages to your home, car, and other valuables. Umbrella insurance helps cover the cost of anything beyond your insurance limits. For example, liability insurance might cover legal fees if you are found at fault for injuries to someone else.

How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

Umbrella insurance can cover many unexpected events that normal policies won't cover. These include injuries to another person, false imprisonment, defamation, property damage, and landlord liability. We can review your situation and recommend the best type of coverage for your needs. For example, you hit another person in a car accident. If your insurance policy only has a $300,000 limit, you would be on the hook for legal fees if the driver decides to sue you. Umbrella insurance can help buffer many of the legal costs in the accident.

Contact Rancho Del Sur Insurance Services Inc. for Umbrella Insurance

If you need reliable umbrella insurance in the San Diego area, Rancho Del Sur Insurance Services Inc. can help. We offer exceptional service and quality to our customers regarding umbrella insurance. If you have questions about a policy or want to learn more about umbrella insurance, contact an agent on our staff today.

We look forward to helping with your insurance needs.