Classic Car Insurance in California

When considering a claim, insurance companies consider the book value of an automobile when determining what will be paid if the vehicle is heavily damaged. This usually works out, but it likely will not when it comes to a classic car or truck that has been restored to like-new condition. Classic cars are between 20 and 40 years old, and special policies exist for those types of vehicles. Stop by Rancho Del Sur Insurance Services Inc. in San Diego, CA, and we will help you sort out the policy you need for your classic car.

Knowing your Classic Car Insurance Options

The value of a restored classic car is not reflected in the book value, which must be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Classic cars are also not cars you drive every day. There is a limitation on how many miles it may be driven, often 7,500 or so. In California, these cars are exempt from pollution laws and may get special tags for classic cars. Insuring them is not different from any other state.

If you want to drive your classic car every day and put a lot of miles on the vehicle, you will need to get a standard auto insurance policy. You may add some classic car coverage to cover the value above the book value. The coverages include liability, comprehensive, and collision for both in California. The most significant difference is whether there is a mileage limit and how the value of the car is determined. There may also be some requirements concerning where the vehicle is stored, but most people don't leave classic cars outside anyway.

Please stop by or call Rancho Del Sur Insurance Services Inc. in San Diego, CA, today and let us create a policy to protect your classic vehicle. We will agree on the value of your classic car and go over any limitations that may exist. You may also get parts you have stored covered as part of your policy.