Flood Insurance in California

When Tropical Storm Hilary landed in Southern California, residents weren't sure what to expect. While San Diego was relatively unscathed, it got record rainfall in some areas. And much of Southern California, especially the desert communities, did experience damaging flooding.

Hilary made many San Diego residents realize that flooding could be a problem outside typically flood-prone areas like Fashion Valley. Yet many realized they didn't have flood coverage, and now that the storm is over, many are reconsidering. If you're one of those seeking flood coverage, Rancho Del Sur Insurance Services Inc. in San Diego, CA can help you obtain coverage.

Flood Insurance Is a Separate Policy

Homeowner's and renter's insurance policies do not cover flooding that intrudes into the property from the outside. If a stream on your property overflows in heavy rain and floods your garage, your regular policies don't cover that damage. It would be covered by your flood insurance if you had it.

Your Options Vary According to Where You Live

To get flood insurance, you have to live in a community that participates in the National Flood Insurance Program, and luckily, both the city and county of San Diego participate. The California Department of Water Resources says most of California's communities are in the program.

Within NFIP communities, you can buy a policy directly from an insurance company that gets the policy from FEMA or from an insurance company that writes its own policies (albeit as part of a program from FEMA). Renters can get flood insurance, too, although their coverage is for contents only. In other words, renters can only cover their belongings and not the property they're renting.

Call or visit Rancho Del Sur Insurance Services Inc. to discuss coverage for flooding in San Diego, CA. Don't wait for the next tropical system or atmospheric river storm to hit your neighborhood.